Artikelnummer DIV-HEADL40
Hersteller Yellowdiving

Yellow Diving Lampenkopf L40

40 Watt LED / 3960 Lumen
CHF 452.00 *

40 Watt LED headlamp with the battery indicator. The LED light provides information on the current battery level. E/O cord 35cm long


The battery indicator shows the level of the battery charge.
Labelled "LED indicator", The LED indicator is located on the right
side of the head.
The LED light indicates the battery performance status and provides
information on the current battery level.

When the battery is switched on, the indicator lights in one of the
following modes:

green, continuous: 100 % – 16 % of charge capacity
red, continuous: 15 % - 6 %
red, intermittent: 5% – 0,1 %


- 40 Watt
- spot 12°
- battery indicator
- colour temperature: 6500°K
- luminance: 3960lm
- E/O cord 35cm
- complete electronics in headlamp
- head length: 10,5cm
- material: anodised aluminium, Delrin
- max. operating depth: 150m