Artikelnummer DIV-Thermov
Hersteller Yellowdiving

Yellow Diving Thermov

Anzugventil mit integrierter Heizungsdurchführung für den Trockenanzug.
Fr. 225.00 *

THERMOV – dry suit inlet valve integrated with heating system E/O connector. No need to puncture the dry suit, easy mount, heating system could be easily transferred to another dry suit.


- suitable for replacing Apeks and Si-Tech inlet valves
- watertight E/O connector
- compact low-profile design
- 4mm (0.16 inch) lower than standard inlet valve
- manufactured in Delrin
- revolving internal cover
- tear-proof cable mount
- connector, 45cm (17 inch) cable
- radial gas dissipation system, 8 directions
- E/O connector securing cap (option)
- stainless steel metal elements